Anima Brasilis


About us

We are a team of communication professionals with extensive experience and multiple talents: we have already served, as PR specialists, clients of many sizes - from multinationals to small companies – from diverse areas of operation, in both public and private sectors, with national and international demands.

We have also performed interviews and wrote reports for some of the main media in Brazil. We are journalists by trade and natural communicators.

We have expertise in corporate communications, press relations, journalism, event management and marketing, amongst other daily tasks for those who chose to live and to breath communication.

We like news, we love stories and to tell them. We like, specially, the people behind these stories. We are curious and we want to discover what exists beyond. For us, to cross borders is more than a pastime, it is a necessity.

To defend our objectives and to accompany us worldwide, we have established partnerships with other professionals that share our philosophy: there is a world of opportunities and that is where we are heading.